Ultrasonic Earthmoving Specialist

In the age of Aquarius an electromagnetic storm in the Nothern Polar region of the planet
known as Earth, there was a nexus. The storm provided the energy that would be known
as Main Adrenaline and the nexus formed the vessel to hold that energy. The nexus formed a link
between the different planes of reality: physical, mental, spiritual and a force known as
Main Adrenaline. For over two decades Main Adrenaline focused on Ultra High Gravitational
Force Traning in preparation for vocalizing Extremely High Density Lyrics into Tonal Relaxation and
Verbal Assasination techniques. Underground in nature, Main hones his craft releasing
harmonic verses on the Digital Dynasty Mixtape Series, Spitfire Mixtape Series,
Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, in addition to HD Videos on VEVO, Youtube and local TV in preperation
for The Second Coming. One part warrior, one part teacher, Main has presented
multiple tablets on the specifics of each of the skills mastered through the first crusade.
Enlightening and educating all who will listen, Main Adrenaline continues to produce tablets
on the politics of his age and perfects the art of Ultrasonic Earth Moving. Pushing the realm of physics to new
limits, Main Adrenaline is The First and The Last. So it was written.