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Fists Of The North Star, The Real Truth

Between 200,000 to 300,000 years the Earths magnetic poles reverse their polarity, this is known as Geomagnetic Reversal. The Suns Solar Flare Cycle peaks every 11 years. In an event rarer than diamonds the Geomagnetic Reversal and the Solar Flare Cycle coincide with each other, and it was during one of these wrinkles in time that the legendary Force known as The Fists Of The North Star was forged in the core of a nuetron star. The Akashic Records tell us that both Forces were on the edge of a Galaxy very near a black hole to complete the Ultra High Gravitational Force Traning in preparation for vocalizing Extremely High Density Lyrics into tonal relaxation and verbal assasination. Accidental in nature but devastatingly ironic as both Forces hail from the same solar system, The Two were drawn to the same star at the same time and by chance The Two Superforces collided with immeasurable amounts of catastrophic energy. The result was a completely new set of laws of physics that seems to “bend” the cassical and atomical laws of physics wherever the Rap Anomaly travels. After colliding the new Entity remained in a state of transmogrification equal to what you know as an Earth year, until finally coalescing into a new molecule (F.O.T.N.S.907). After completing the 33 levels of Physical, Mental and Etheric training They followed the light of Quasars back to the Milky Way and then followed the North Star back to their Solar System and then finally Earth. The Fists Of The North Star have been on planet Earth living as terrestrials for approximately 5 Earth years. Two halves of a whole They have taken terrestrial names and refer to themselves individually as Main Adrenaline And Boone Pratt. As no effort has been made to conceal The Real Truth, most of Earths enlightened beings have figured out that Main Adrenaline and Boone Pratt are The Fists Of The North Star.